Rickard Öste

CEO, Founder & Board Director

PhD & Professor at Food for Health Science Centre of Lund University

email: rickard.oste@aventureab.com
work: +46 46 16 39 42
cell: +46 707 23 07 65

Serial entrepreneur in food and nutrition (Agrovision, Graincheck, OATLY, United Pancakes, Glucanova, Otto Barnmat etc.)

Olof Böök

COO, Business development & Board Director

PhD in Food Biotechnology

email: olof.book@aventureab.com
work: +46 46 16 39 43
cell: +46 708 76 10 65

More than 15 years of experience from start-up companies (OATLY, United Pancakes, Glucanova, Otto Barnmat, Berries by Astrid etc.)

Jörgen Holm

CEO Glucanova AB

PhD in Applied Nutrition

email: jorgen.holm@aventureab.com
work: +46 46 16 39 46
cell: +46 702 92 32 52

More than 25 years of international experience from food industry (Nestlé, Öresund Network, SIK etc.)

Elin Öste

Marketing Strategist

MSc in International Business Administration

email: elin.oste@aventureab.com
work: +46 46 16 39 42
cell: +46 705 65 03 87

More than 10 years of international experience from food industry (Quaker oats, Skånemejerier).

Ana Rascón

Senior Researcher & Specialist

PhD & Professor at Food for Health Science Centre of Lund University

email: ana.rascon@aventureab.com
work: +46 46 16 39 45
cell: +46 733 52 81 67

More than 30 years of international research and development experience from both academy and industry, such as OATLY and Glucanova.

Pär Lundqvist

DoubleGood AB

MSc in Business Administration

email: par.lundqvist@doublegood.se
cell: +46 707 83 01 08

More than 20 years of experience from food industry and marketing. Both from start-up companies and established businesses (Felix/Procordia, Potatisspecialisten Scandinavia AB, Culinar, Otto Barnmat etc.).

Isilay Kaya

Product Development Engineer

MSc in Food Technology

email: isilay.kaya@glucanova.com
cell: +46 733 52 88 15

International experience of product development.

Kristina Andersson

Senior Scientist

PhD in Biomedicine, Lund University

email: kristina.andersson@aventureab.com
cell: +46 709 307 357

Kristina has long research experience within the field of biomedicine and physiology. Kristina is partly involved at the Department of Experimental Medical Science, Lund University.

Lovisa Heyman-Lindén

Senior Scientist & Specialist

PhD in Biomedicine, Lund University

email: lovisa.heyman.linden@aventureab.com
cell: +46 703 32 49 49

Lovisas scientific background is mainly related with berries in human prevention and their specific role in metabolic related diseases. Lovisa has also experience from the biotech related business (Probi AB).

Linda Ekström

Senior Scientist, Project leader

PhD in Food Science

Linda has a long experience in both developing and evaluating concept food products in humans using a range of different metabolic parameters. Linda has a PhD from the Food for Health Science Center at Lund University.

Lucia Casal Dujat

R&D Director, Lument AB

PhD in Physical Chemistry

email: lucia.casal.dujat@lumentab.com
cell: +46 708 32 49 48

International experience of science-based projects within the area of life science and biotechnology.

Fang Huang

Research Engineer

MSc in Food Science and Nutrition

email: fang.huang@aventureab.com
cell: +46 733 47 09 99

International experience of concept development with focus on nutritional research.

Hanna Magnusson

Product Development

MSc in Food Technology

email: hanna.magnusson@glucanova.com
cell: +46 706 76 10 35

Degree in Food Engineering from Lund Technical Institute (LTH).  Specialization in Food Fermentations.

Björn Öste

Co-Founder, Owner, US representative & Board Director

MSc in Industrial Economics

email: bjorn.oste@aventureab.com
cell: +1 603 781 8631

More than 25 years of international experience from entrepreneural-driven companies (Dynasoft, OATLY, United Pancakes, Ottos Barnmat, Glucanova etc.).

Rolf Bjerndell

Chairman of the Board and Senior Advisor

MSc in Economics

Long industrial experience. Former CEO of Skåne Dairy, OATLY, Probi. Several executive business positions.