About Us

Aventure AB is a private research based food and biotech development company situated in Lund, Sweden, in the vicinity of Lund university that is ranked among the 100 leading universities in the world.

The founder of Aventure, Professor Rickard Öste, is also co-founder of Oatly AB, one of the most rapidly expanding non-dairy companies in the world. Rickard and his research team developed it’s liquid oat technology at Lund university’s Department of Nutrition in the 90’s. They then started the company that exploited the technology, and developed it under the brand name Oatly together with investors and venture capital, including Rickard's brother Björn.

we focus on nature’s own health provision exhibited in good food

The main business idea of Aventure is to create new food concepts from natural food components. The mission is focus towards high-end projects within food and health that have patents or have the potential to acquire patents. Intervention studies of health effects on humans form an important part of the development process, as do the process technology development. Guiding principles in the development include use of the inherent health potentials of natural food and food components, and to use food processing that learn from the natural bio transfer of organic matter. Thus, we focus on nature’s own health provision exhibited in good food, and avoid the use of synthetic ingredients and additives that are not or cannot be a spontaneous part of nature.

The exploitation of Aventure's business model is made through daughter companies. Here the ownership is shared with key personal that has been contributing to the technology of the concept, or actors’ that have added other assets of importance for the development of the company, for example particular marketing skills, or venture capital.

Current examples of this are

Glucanova focusing on unique liquid high-fiber oat products for a global BtB market.

Good Idea AB has developed a revolutionary table water that attenuates the blood glucose rise from an ordinary meal.

Ottos Barnmat AB an innovative baby food company with focus on organic and fresh baby food products.

Swebol Biotech, focusing on a transparent and sustainable supply chain of quinoa, kaniwa and related crops from Bolivia, including high-end products from these or similar raw materials.

Lument, the first per-oral food based contrast agent in the world.